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	Consumer and Industrial Electronics</p>

Consumer and Industrial Electronics

Fibre Optics

OMC’s optical fibre links find many applications in the above sectors, including:

  • Optically isolated data links: Our products help protect sensitive electronics from harmful electrical spikes, and to transmit control signals free from interference.
  • Fast data links: Our optical links transmit signals at the speed of light, allowing data to be exchanged between critical systems at near instantaneous speeds.
  • Data security: Optical data links are one of the most secure ways to transmit data from A to B. A well designed fibre optic system is almost impossible to compromise without the user being able to instantly detect the breach. Unlike traditional copper cable, which can easily be tampered with, to modify an optical fibre system requires specialist equipment and skills, thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of tampering by malicious parties.
  • Remote sensing: Optical fibres can be used in sensing applications to detect objects, liquid levels, light levels, temperatures, etc., where the electrical components must be located remotely from the sensing point, for example, where explosives, extreme temperatures or harmful environments are involved.

Present-day examples of where OMC fibre systems are used for the above applications include:

  • Industrial weighing scales
  • Machine vision in robotics and CNC applications
  • Data transmission in CNC machinery
  • Fibre optic lightguides in consumer products

LED Backlights, Displays, Indicators and Optical Mouldings

The following advantages of OMC’s LED components lead them to be heavily used in the above sectors:

  • They provide a clean, bright, clear display to ensure man-machine interfaces remain intact.
  • Our components are robust and have extremely long life-expectancies.
  • Solid state lighting technology is electromagnetically benign, so generates far less radio interference than fluorescent or electroluminescent technologies which require noisy inverters.
  • They are suitable for use in low temperature environments.

In addition, OMC’s optical mouldings provide efficient and elegant transfer of light from light emitting components to product exteriors.

As a result, our backlights, displays, indicators and optical mouldings are used within the following applications in the above sectors:

  • Intruder alarm keypads
  • Measurement instrument displays
  • Temperature controllers in freezers
  • Displays for weighing scales
  • Intelligent control system displays
  • Displays for white, brown and black goods
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Modems and telecommunications equipment