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	Profiled Backlight ™ Series</p>

Profiled Backlight ™ Series

The only viable LED backlight solution for small to medium volume bespoke backlighting requirements, designed for LCD illumination, imaging, indication and signage applications.

OMC pioneered the introduction of LEDs as a backlighting technology in the early 1990s through the development of our innovative Profiled Backlight™ range, which won the UK National Component Award for Innovation following its successful launch.

An OMC Profiled Backlight™ is often the only viable backlight solution for small to medium volume (<10k pcs) backlighting requirements, and our unique manufacturing techniques allow any quantity - from one-off to tens of thousands off - to be manufactured cost-effectively. We can turn around samples in as few as five working days, and set-up costs start as low as £50 for bespoke shapes and sizes.

Scroll down for details of our part numbering system. The various backlight configuration options are listed below.

Lightguide Finish - A panel with a Royale lightguide finish (Z=R in part number) uses a proprietary active backing layer to enhance the illumination via the absorption and re-emission of both internal and ambient lighting. This increases the overall appearance and brightness of the display. A Standard finish (Z=S in part number) is ideal for more neutral displays or lower ambient light levels.

Semiconductor Selection – OMC invented the side-firing backlight emitter in the 1990s, and our award-winning side-firing emitters can illuminate backlights in a wide range of colours and brightness levels (a selection of the most common devices is given below). Many emitters are available in both dual chip and single chip versions, given by the suffix M to the emitter code. Single chip LEDs are useful when voltage is limited, such as battery powered or USB operated devices. In addition, OMC have now introduced innovate 4-pin dual-chip emitters. These allow the LED chips to be configured in series, allowing dual-chip blue and white devices to be powered from a 5V supply.

Backlight Series - Each panel design is assigned a series number once samples have been approved by the customer. OMC currently produces over 250 standard panel series. Panels need not be rectangular; they can be produced to almost any shape, and incorporate assembly aids such as mounting holes.

Emitter quantity - The overall performance of the backlight is determined by the number of emitters. Current standard designs range from single emitter backlights to some incorporating over 100 devices. The standard emitter body is 7.62mm (0.3”) long, and most designs are based on a 2.54mm (0.1”) pitch, although this can be changed if necessary.

Edge Finish - The internal reflection of the light within the backlight panel can be augmented by the use of an edge finish to optimise light retention. This is generally a worthwhile option on most backlights, but can be omitted on particularly small or cost-sensitive panels.