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	Fibre Optic Transmitters</p>

Fibre Optic Transmitters

Industrial grade 660nm and 850nm transmitters in a range of popular housings including SMA, ST, H19 and KSMA, for use with fibre core sizes from 50µm upwards.

OMC specialises in the manufacture of housed optical transmitters. Our active alignment process allows optimal performance to be achieved, and we can manufacture to achieve launch powers within a tightly specified window.

We offer both 660nm red devices optimised for use with polymer fibre and 850nm IR transmitters which are generally preferred for glass fibre.

Most of our connectors and housings are produced to all-metal designs. They are typically utilised in industrial environments where long term performance and reliability are essential; they offer greatly enhanced durability, longevity and precision over low cost commodity components.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to offer drop-in replacements, or higher performance alternatives, to commonly used devices that may have become obsolete or hard to source.

Our standard range of transmitters is shown in the following table.