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Optical Mouldings and Lightpipes

Optical Mouldings and Lightpipes

Standard and bespoke designs from basic lightpipes and lightguides to complex 3D illuminated mouldings.

In addition to the optical moulding technology we use in our moulded backlights, OMC has also developed a range of mouldings for use as light-guiding accessories.


We have developed a range of lightpipes for used with SMD LEDs, designed to transfer light from the SMD device to a front panel.

90% of our lightpipe production is customer-specific and we specialise in the production of bespoke lightpipes designed to fit your application. If you are designing a product which needs a lightpipe, please contact our sales team with your concept drawing for a quotation.

OMC also manufacture a standard range of 3mm diameter lightpipes available in horizontal and vertical orientations and a range of pipe lengths. These lightpipes are available without NRE cost and are designed to attach to the customer’s PCB using a proprietary clip mechanism which allows quick and easy assembly. Mechanical drawings of these standard designs are available by contacting our sales team.

Optical Mouldings

We have the facility to design optical assemblies based around bespoke optical mouldings, allowing evenly diffused, three-dimensional illuminated shapes to be realised.

This is ideal for indication applications (for example, an illuminated ring around a pushbutton switch), and can use either SMD or pinned LEDs. Our extensive range of LED packages further enhances our versatility, and your range of choices.