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	Lighting for Building, Architectural and Decorative Applications</p>

Lighting for Building, Architectural and Decorative Applications

OMC’s range of cutting-edge semiconductor lighting solutions help businesses and homes reduce their lighting overheads, whilst providing a 21st century light source with unparalleled levels of control, functionality and elegance.

For building interiors, our wide selection of products can easily replace traditional lighting technologies such as filament lamps, compact fluorescents, fluorescent tubes and sodium and mercury based fixtures. They all provide a high quality of light output, very low maintenance costs and savings of between 40 and 90% in electricity usage and associated carbon footprint.

As well as functional lighting, we offer a range of products ideal for decorative lighting effects and more subtle, concealed lighting, including halo effects, illuminated trims, accent lighting and wall washing in white, colour or colour-changing options.

We also produce a wide range of functional lighting solutions for exterior applications, such as walkway, courtyard, car park lighting, street lighting and uplighters. These products save energy, are low-maintenance and switch on instantly without a warm-up period. They also provide clear, crisp white light that renders colours as visible by night as they are in daylight.

Talk to our Lighting Sales team about your application, they'll help you choose the most suitable products and assist with power consumption and carbon calculations too. To help with lighting design, we can provide spectroradiometric data (IES files) for applicable products on request.