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	LED Flexistrip™</p>

LED Flexistrip™

The original flexible LED strip, OMC's revolutionary Flexistrip™ is our most versatile LED strip range.

Used by signmakers to face or halo-illuminate letters, to edge-illuminate acrylic, or light up lightboxes, by shopfitters to illuminate shelving, cabinets and displays, by equipment and machinery manufacturers to replace fluorescent and neon light sources, and much more; for the majority of OEM lighting applications, the OMC Flexistrip™ is the perfect answer.

Flexistrip™ is a compact, robust flexible strip of closely spaced, ultra high brightness LEDs, which can be cut to length with scissors and fitted in place using a variety of fixing methods. The strip has in-built electrostatic and reverse-polarity protection and an extra-thick copper substrate for enhanced reliability and longevity. A positive and negative connection to 12V or 24V DC (depending on type) powers the strip, and a simple two-wire link can be used to carry power from one strip to the next. The very high number of LEDs per metre eliminates the most commonly seen problems with LED illumination - such as light and dark patches or “spottiness” in a halo, illuminated fascia or colour wash - and means stunningly bright, even illumination in any of these applications.

There are two kinds of Flexistrip™: Front-Firing and Side-Firing. Both are effective in a wide range of applications, but each has its strengths: Front-Firing Flexistrip™ has been optimised for wide angle applications such as illumination of built-up letter faces, lightboxes, under-shelf and cabinet illumination, and task and accent lighting; Side-Firing Flexistrip™ is the best choice for halos, edge-lighting and other directional applications. If you're not sure which type suits a particular task, just ask our sales engineers for their expert advice.