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	Complete Fibre Optic Systems</p>

Complete Fibre Optic Systems

Transmitters, cable assemblies and receivers designed to work as a complete system.

Designing a fibre optic system that works, both at the point of installation and for the long term, requires careful consideration of the optical constraints involved.

Designers often find a system's fibre optic element to be one of its most challenging. This is because most companies that produce transmitters and receivers do not have any expertise in fibre optic cables, and vice versa. This can mean trying to assemble a reliable optical link through mixing and matching components from various manufacturers.

Because we design, manufacture and test all our transmitters, receivers and cable-assemblies in house, we have absolute control of each component's optical performance, and no need to mix and match.

OMC’s engineers will work with you to determine the optical constraints in your system, calculate optical budgets, specify performance requirements for each component in the link (transmitter, cable assembly and receiver), and then manufacture the components to meet these criteria.

If you have a requirement for a fibre optic system, please get in touch and make use of our 30 years of expertise.