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	Spectralux® Light Engines</p>

Spectralux® Light Engines

Unique solid-state lighting arrays with exceptional efficiencies and life expectancies.

OMC SPECTRALUX® light engines are designed to simplify LED lighting design, enabling luminaire manufacturers and other lighting users to produce a vast range of products that deliver excellent illumination with luminous efficiencies reaching up to 130lm/W and life expectancies of up to 40 years. The devices consist of arrays of highly efficient, tightly-matched LED die material bonded to a thermally optimised substrate, encapsulated with a precision-applied phosphor coating.

Total chip area has been substantially increased and distributed optimally across the substrate surface to reduce current density and enhance optical efficacy, resulting in a significant reduction in current-crowding at the semiconductor junctions and achieving more light output for the same drive current, better thermal characteristics and vastly increased life-expectancy.

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of standard devices, our design and engineering team are able to tailor the Spectralux light engines to meet specific customer requirements. Our proprietary chip-distribution characterisation technology allows bespoke array specifications for standard package designs to be produced with minimal setup costs. For higher volume requirements, completely new package designs can be accommodated.

The SPECTRALUX® range includes post-encapsulated and pre-encapsulated light-engines.

Post-encapsulated SPECTRALUX® light-engines are produced by first bonding the semiconductor die elements directly onto the thermal substrate and connecting them electronically to form the array, before encapsulating the array in a single high-efficiency phosphor coating and a protective membrane. Die encapsulation takes place post array formation. Advantages of this approach include higher flux density, easier application and lower cost. Our most popular standard post-encapsulated devices are summarised in the tables below, and drawings can be found on the right hand side of the page.

Pre-encapsulated SPECTRALUX® light-engines are produced by first encapsulating each LED die segment in its own leadframe and then forming the array on an MCPCB substrate. Die encapsulation takes place pre array formation. Advantages of this approach include easier diffusion and thermal management. Pre-encapsulated arrays are currently designed and manufactured to suit individual customer requirements. A range of standard pre-encapsulated arrays is under development.