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	Through Hole (Pinned) LEDs</p>

Through Hole (Pinned) LEDs

A revolution in LED performance

OMC's next generation LEDs are available at the same cost as conventional 'high efficiency' LEDs, but offer the following advantages:

  • Up to ten times the brightness, or down to 1/10th of the drive current from the same device.
  • Superior uniformity and better reliability than AlGaAs ultra bright devices.
  • All colours available.

These are genuine, next generation LED products which incorporate MicronPlusTM LED semiconductors that start to give a usable light output at around 0.5mA drive current, and the same light output at around 2-5mA as conventional high efficiency types give at 20mA.

At 20mA drive current, OMC’s next generation LED lamps provide similar brightness to super luminous devices; next generation displays and dot matrix components are also available with similar power saving and overall performance advantages.

Next generation LED lamps and displays are inherently better matched for brightness and colour than older types, and they also exhibit more consistent degradation characteristics. Selections of brightness tolerance in ranges of 10% variation are available.

Available packages include: