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	Controllers and Interface Modules</p>

Controllers and Interface Modules

DMX, DALI, 1-10V, Potentiometer, Push-button and Bespoke

We offer a wide range of control options for use with our semiconductor lighting solutions.

These include standalone controllers with a range of inbuilt programs and effects, potentiometer and pushbutton controlled dimmer modules, and a range of interface modules that allow our lighting products to be controlled by standard DMX, DALI or 1-10V lighting controls.

If your application needs a non-standard solution, our engineers can design and programme a bespoke controller for you.

Our controller solutions can be used with:

  •  Decorative solutions to perform fades, flashes and chases
  •  RGB (red/green/blue) devices to perform colour changing effects such as colour scrolls, or to generate specific pastel shades
  •  Many of our white light sources, to provide dimming effects.

By using the appropriate OMC interface modules, our dimmable white light sources can be dimmed via standard daylight sensors to achieve specified light levels which make the best use of natural light.

If you need a controlled effect or dimming solution for your application, our engineers can help you choose the best solution.