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Leading European opto company presents new lighting, displays and industrial fibre data communications solutions on www.omc-uk.com

OMC’s three decades of innovation conveniently highlighted by market sector

OMC, the pioneer in LED lighting, backlighting and industrial fibre optic transmission, is presenting a wealth of new products and technologies on a new website at www.omc-uk.com. Conveniently split into components – LED backlights for LCD displays, fibre optics including connectors, cable assemblies, transmitter/receivers etc and LED lamps and displays – and LED lighting covering luminaires, floodlights and conventional bulb and tube replacements, the new site also has a section highlighting the solutions relevant so specific market sectors.

OMC’s products are used globally in a wide range of industries including retail, leisure, petrochem, aerospace and defence, transportation, medical and instrumentation. In order to make it simple for engineers working in these markets to evaluate the technologies offered by the company, OMC dedicates part of its new website to these and other industries highlighting the products and solutions that are most applicable to the sector.

For example, in the petrochemical and power distribution pages, the company explains how the use of industrial fibre optic links can transmit data quickly and securely. Similarly, in the instrumentation section, OMC details how LED backlights – pioneered by the company over 25 years ago – provide a clean, bright and rugged display ensuring man-machine interfaces remain clearly legible throughout a product’s life.

Comments commercial director, William Heath: “For many years people who have known about OMC have come to rely on us to deliver technically advanced, practical opto-electronic solutions. With the new site we hope that design engineers will be able to understand our wide technology portfolio more clearly. We have a wide range of standard parts available, and we also specialise in tailoring our products to suit a customer’s specific needs.”